Production Legal Services

From independent film projects and studio pictures, to digital television at the forefront of streaming services, as production counsel Reder & Feig provides invaluable production legal services from a project’s inception to its release. Our attorneys can draft and negotiate all development, finance, above and below the line talent, and distribution agreements. In addition, we can use our long-standing relationship with the guilds to guide producers through the process of becoming signatory to the Directors Guild of America, the Writers Guild of America, and the Screen Actors Guild of America. Reder & Feig offers production legal services to our clients for a fair, pre-negotiated, flat-fee rate.


Reder & Feig represents financiers, producers, and production companies in connection with all manner of financial transactions in the motion picture and television industries. We work with producers to develop the best financial structure for a project including bridge financing, mezzanine financing, equity financing, bank loans, soft money contributions, co-financing, and co-production agreements. Our experience negotiating and drafting finance agreements covers all types of entertainment projects from the world of independent film production to the studio system. We can help our clients borrow money, invest equity into a film, or partner with another company to produce a project.

Development/Acquisition of Rights

Reder & Feig assists our clients in acquiring the rights to screenplays, novels, stage plays, life story rights, and all other forms of source material. Owning the rights and possessing a complete and intact chain of title is essential to the production and distribution of a motion picture. Making a film without a clean chain of title is a serious mistake. We can help filmmakers avoid this pitfall. In addition, we have the expertise to ensure that a bank, bond company, or distributor will approve the chain of title, and not cause delays in the production of a project.

Distribution and Delivery

Delivery to a distributor is the final step in the filmmaking process. If delivery is not successfully completed, a film cannot be released and the producers and investors cannot begin to make their money back. Our firm can facilitate all aspects of legal paper delivery to a distributor or foreign sales agent, including preparing paid ad statements, certificates of origin, error and omissions insurance applications, guild credit approvals, and all other legal delivery requirements.

Producer Representation

Reder & Feig specializes in representing producers from the development stage of a film through its distribution. During development, our firm works with producers to “package” a project by helping to secure funding or attachments. Once a project is completed, our firm will create a unique strategy to present the finished film to distributors, whether this involves a film festival premiere (Sundance, Tribeca, South by Southwest, Toronto et al.) or holding a distributor screening in Los Angeles or New York City. In addition, Reder & Feig can negotiate distribution rights for all forms of media (theatrical, DVD, VOD, or digital) for both domestic and foreign markets.